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Product use of abrasive wheel


1 Penjiaomian: Industrial filter cloth (such as painting filtration, filtration, chemical fiber spinning industrial air filtration, air conditioner filter); clothing cloth (such as: Women's bra lining coat; shoulder lining); automobile interior lining (such as: the inner door panel, roof lining inside the shed)

200 cleaning cloth: home (such as: kitchen bathroom tiles, pots and pans containers, hand washing); industrial use (such as: electroplating surface polishing, gold and silver hand polished surface)

3 grinding wheels for industrial use (e.g., stainless steel doors and windows, square, building hardware, metal objects, electro mechanical product, and the hull, wood surfaces polishing, hand tools, elevator and escalator); life (such as: food cooking cabinet, kitchen cabinet, stainless steel tableware, knife and fork, pots, plates); process (such as: antique copper, watchband, belt buckle, eye box, jewelry box); sports (such as golf sports equipment, bicycle)

4 polishing wheel: industrial use (such as: stainless steel plate, wood); agricultural products (such as: taro, grapes)