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The advantages of special wire drawing wheel for electroplat


1, good uniformity: polishing after drawing silk does not appear shades, mainly silk silk uniform, fast, high efficiency work.

2, good heat dissipation: the surface of the workpiece in the grinding will not be black because of overheating, discoloration or leave a residual gel

3, the special purpose of the drawing wire is widely used in various parts of the work of wire drawing. Such as:

(a, copper wire drawing

(B, nickel plated workpiece drawing

4, knife edge drawing

5, aluminum products

* the main application market of special wire drawing wheel:

1, the surface of the galvanized wire processing; (copper plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, etc.)

2, wood, handicrafts, grinding; (wood line frame, photo frame, etc.)

3, all kinds of metal modified sand treatment. Fishing rod, zipper, belt buckle, etc.