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Forming requirements of grinding wheels


Finally, the grinding wheel is then processed into various types of grinding wheels, which can be divided into four types, namely, the ejection type, the lamination type, the folding type and the additional axial type.

Shoot type: cut the sand felt into the size of the rectangular block. Arranged radially around the wheel core. The inner ring is bonded with an adhesive, and its density is increased from outside to inside.

Laminated type: the sand felt cut into the required size of a layer of garden, laminated compaction of the product, the density of internal and external uniform.

Fold type: the sand mat cut into rectangular block sizes, crumpled into Yuanhuan with inner hexagonal steel buckle and fixed.

Attached to the shaft type: the sand felt cut into the size of the rectangular block around the wheel core arranged in a radial shape and inserted into the center of the shaft.

The precision of the work surface is better than the sand felt cloth one or two, smooth surface, small abrasion, falling sand less, suitable for mass production mechanization; its disadvantage is due to the abrasive and fiber only by adhesive bonding, bonding point is small, some abrasive off phenomenon.