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P -density Density of product (soft hardness): From 3P to 12P,
the density is increased along with the number.
320# - granularity The particle size of selected abrasive, it is ranged from 80# to 800#.
OD -external diameter outside diameter of product, it is ranged from 50mm to 600mm.
T - thickness Thickness of product, it is ranged from 10mm to 600mm.
ID - internal diameter Inside diameter of product, it can be made by the require.

Conversion of the speed

Linear velocity application

Decorative lines Ornament line 2.5-15 m/s
Composite materials/soft material Composite materials/ Soft material 6-13.5m/s
Surface cleaning Treatment of surface cleaning 10-25m/s
Before the final polishing processing Treatment before the last polishing 10-32.5m/s
To remove oxide skin Clean the oxidize covers 25-32.5m/s
Harmonic/polishing Mediation/ Polishing 30-40m/s


Safety tips:
Please wear protective equipment when working.


1. The speed too fast, can make the grinding wheel is broken, and cause damage. Speed should not exceed indicate the operation of the limit on the grinding wheel, determine the maximum speed of grinding wheel relative machine speed.
2. Sparks fly out and debris can cause injury and fire. Remove flammable substances at the work site, to avoid sparks fly out of the direction toward the eyes and body. In dangerous operations, wear suitable mechanical safety cover, the factory engineer (technician) under the guidance of safety operation. When start work to ensure that there is no station in before and after of the grinding wheel. Incorrect use can make the grinding wheel is broken, and cause damage.
3. The grinding wheel vibration or shake, can make the grinding wheel is broken, and cause damage. Don't enlarge or change the shape of the hole in the middle of the middle hole, do not use a chisel marks or spallation shaped wheel, if incurred during the process of using vibration or shake, you will stop. Grinding wheel broken or rock can be caused by the following: spindle is too big, device of screw tight, round edge of use is convex, or long less than a third the diameter of the wheel rim, or diameter range, the bending.

4. Please don't in 40 C >, < 5 C under the environment temperature of use and storage.

* note: before using our products, please carefully read the above notice.

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